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Raw Jarrah Honey 15+ TA

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Raw cold-pressed organic artisan honey found in the virgin forests of the Himalayan Mountains in the Kashmir Valleys. A rich, warm honey, it reflects the area’s rich flora diversity.

Natural harvesting methods ensure that the bees are protected and all the natural enzyme, vitamin and mineral benefits of the honey are retained in the honey.

A well-rounded, intensely sweet flavour that enhances both sweet and savoury dishes, delicious in meat marinades and dressings and a perfect topping to porridge or yoghurt.

Mild to medium in strength

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Jarrah Honey  15+ TA is an exclusive and rare super honey from Western Australia. It is known as healing honey because of its natural antibacterial activity.

Jarrah honey comes from a single variety of the eucalyptus tree, Eucalyptus marginata, and is a dark, amber-colored thick runny honey with a distinctive strong taste of nuts and caramel.

Jarrah honey has a number of unique benefits and properties, including:

  • Totally natural product
  • Has high antimicrobial properties – measured by its Total Activity (TA) rating of 20+
  • Independently tested
  • Significantly higher level of antioxidants than manuka honey
  • Low in glucose – Low GI
  • Scientific research shows Jarrah has a high antibacterial activity
  • Unique & delicious flavour
  • Perfect as a natural sweetener or drizzled over toast or yoghurt

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